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SAFETY is our number ONE priority at ISSC.

Students are supervised 24/7 by teachers and camp counsilors

All instruction is done at 1:3 coach: student ratio

Quality and well stocked First Aid Kit on standby

Quality medical facilities 5mins from our base with doctor on call

Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) and Emergency Action Plan(EAP) can be sent upon request.


acknowledge and accept that my son(s)/daughter(s) are taking part in this program entirely at their own risk.

I expressly exonerate International Schools Surf Camp in the event of any loss, damage or injury to our child(ren) caused in any way incl. through acts of negligence by any outside contractors of ISSC.

A basic swimming competency is required: students should be able to swim at least 25m and be comfortable with going into the sea.

I understand that my son/daughter's photo maybe taken and l give permission for that image to be used by the ISSC for the purpose of marketing. I also understand that we will not receive any financial reward for the use of any images.

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