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As part of the Creativity, Action and Service aspects of the IB program, we can provide residentials that incorporate all 3 areas to provide IB students with valuable CAS hours.

Also, as part of the IntAward we also provide valuable hours for the Skills and Service sections of the award.

Contact us for your trip specifications, price details and further info on IB CAS and INTAWARD residentials.

Our Service Learning projects:


Reef Check at Menjangan Island

Students go snorkelling at Menjangan island, 45mins from our Medewi camp base and record reef data on tablets provided by Reefcheck Indonesia, while being educated on the reef ecosystems.

West Bali Farm Project

Students live with this farming community and get involved in several projects- hands on!


Turtle conservation with CURMA under SIFCare

Students join this local turtle conservation project, assisting in early morning patrols and transference of turtle eggs to the hatchery.

Mangrove Planting Project

Students join a local “barangay” project in restoring mangroves in a nearby estuary.

Orphanage project

The kids of a local catholic church orphanage joins us at the resort where students are put into teams with the orphanage kids and run beach games, basketball and other fun team building activities with the orphans. Great interpersonal and leadership skills development!

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